SCENE I - Luther’s Lament    

 SCENE II - Mother

SCENE III - A Walking Skeleton

. SCENE IV - Witches and Goblins

SCENE V - Overture / Tapestry


SCENE I - Dear Brother Martin

Ave Maria / Music

SCENE II - It is Vain / More Than a Thousand Times

O Sing Unto the Lord

Dare I Believe / Flee as a Bird

SCENE III - O Sing Unto the Lord

Father, How Good to Gaze Upon You

 I’m a Transgressor.

SCENE IV - Relics / But Can These?

SCENE V - Holy Rome

SCENE V - God Needs Men Like You.

SCENE VI - Conversion

SCENE VII - Indulgences / Blessed are the Eyes

SCENE VIII - Adultery, Usury, Ill-Gotten Gain

 I Came to Him

What Kind of Monk is This Man

SCENE IX- Ninety-Five Theses

SCENE X - Rome Begins to Thunder

SCENE XI - No Turning Back

SCENE XII - Thank You, God

SCENE XIII - Luther’s Books They Burn! / Te Deum