SCENE I - The Diet of Worms

SCENE II - The Cause is Thine

SCENE III - A Mighty Fortress

SCENE IV - Captured

. SCENE V - They have Taken Him Away

SCENE VI - Where Can I Be/SCENE VII - A Strange  Prisoner   

None Other Lamb

SCENE VIII - I Feel the Grief

SCENE IX - Did We In Our Own Strength Confide

SCENE X - A Cartload of Vestal Virgins

SCENE XI - Munster Has Aroused the Peasants

SCENE XII - Domestic Service

SCENE XIII - Aus Tiefer Not

SCENE XIII - Aus Tiefer Not

SCENE XIV - I’ve Decided to Marry Catherine

 SCENE XV - Sing! ‘Tis the Dawn of a Bright New Day

 SCENE XVI - I’m Determined to Make Moses, German

SCENE XVII - Trapped Between the Devil and God

 SCENE XVIII - God Has Brought Him Back!

SCENE XIX - Vom Himmel Hoch  

I Think I’m Beginning to Love You

 SCENE XX - Magdalenchen

 SCENE XX – We Must Hold Him to His Promises

 I Thirst for You, O God

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 God Has Much to Do in His Church


SCENE I - The Charioteer of Israel Has Fallen

SCENE II - Tapestry Reprise

 SCENE III - A Mighty Fortress Reprise