Christmas GreetingS


When blossoms flower e'er 'mid the snows,

Upon a winter night,

Was born the child, the christmas rose,

The king of love and light.

The angels sang, the shepherds sang,

The grateful earth rejoiced;

And at his blessed birth the stars

Their exultation voiced.


O come let us adore him

O come let us adore him

O come let us adore him

Christ the lord.

Verse 2

Our God so pure

So high above

Is pleased to come and dwell

Come see the myst'ry of His love

A child Emmanuel

The One whom time cannot contain

And mind can never trace

The mind can never trace

Has touched our lives

With tender hands

And shown a human face

Has shown a human face

Verse 3

Again the heart with rapture glows

To greet the holy night,

That gave the world it's christmas rose,

Its king of love and light

Let ev'ry voice acclaim his name,

The grateful chorus swell

From paradise to earth he came

That we with him might dwell.


Melissa’s and Darin’s last little “bundle of joy,” Camryn,  recently celebrated her first birthday! The Bjorks have a bustling household at all you can imagine! Needless to say, Melissa looks forward to dance rehearsal once a week to catch her breath. She is a member of Full Circle Dance Company founded and directed by her mentor and teacher from community college days.

Melody and John now have another driver in their family...Matthew! Our oldest grandson is 16! How can that be?! (He was just a toddler a few days ago!?) Little Jordyn is a busy first-grader and never pauses for a minute in all her activity. The rest of us could use an energy fix from her! Melody continues to teach piano students, even though it has to be done quite differently during this time, and not always easily.

Mark is busy with his adjunct teaching and has just completed one more “chapter” for his written dissertation paper...such great progress! He is finding a few tutoring jobs to supplement his income and  does a good job because of his patient nature.  He has also had to convert all of his lectures online in lieu of the virus complications (always something to revise!). In addition, he has been entering some interesting short story contests, as he has quite an imagination and command of words.

Sadly, Bill has had a tough year but is still managing in many ways despite the increasing cognitive decline. Thankfully, I am still able to assist him. When discouraged, we must remind ourselves that this situation could be so much worse. We are still blessed by, and grateful for, the continuing incredible help of our dear friend Don in our Lake Kiowa community. He is truly a miracle in our lives!

The pandemic has caused the music publishers to “tread water” in order to survive. Needless to say, everything is pretty much on hold. As a welcome distraction from the almost nonstop disturbing news, I have spent the past six months sifting through literally thousands of files on my trusty twelve-year-old Mac computer, posting pdf and demo tracks to SheetMusicPlus. These are my so-called “final” versions. (if that really exists!) of music still owned or unsubmitted for one reason or another. This goal was the incentive I needed to undertake this tedious task— hopefully saving our children that major headache someday!

It is without saying that 2020 has been unlike any year in most of our lifetimes. Despite this now being Christmas Eve, I have attempted to begin our annual yearly letter much earlier quite a few times. But, perhaps like many, I am often troubled in my own spirit with the chaotic state of our beloved country.   It is easy under such circumstances to sometimes lose heart.  I often need reminding that God will always keep His promises and be in ultimate control—whether I see it now or not.

A few days ago, I received word that the greatly expanded “saga” of  My Tapestry Journey is finally ready for print! In eight to ten weeks  I will be mailed my complimentary copy!  I am delighted because so many of you receiving our yearly greetings are referenced in these pages of what I believe to be miraculous interventions by God that I cannot explain away. (Even if you are unnamed,  you are a vital part of this story!)  This book project is above all an unexpected opportunity to acknowledge and publicly thank God and those who has impacted my life in many more ways than I might ever have imagined. This link provides the cover image of the product as it will appear in the next few months on Amazon and other such sites.  I understand that there will be various options, including downloadable versions.

Love and Blessings for 2021,

Bill and Marilyn

P.S. For anyone curious about the status of our ever-present Gopher clan…I had finally given up and decided we were going to be together forever!  Then, unexpectedly,  our next-door neighbor man came strolling across the yard brandishing his new “state of the art gopher trapper!”  Wonder of wonders, it worked  quite fast and efficiently.  He then told me, “Not to worry—I will be on top of  the situation whenever a new mound appears!”  

It was THAT easy! 


End of  story!!

 The many “Little People” gracing our family are all pure joy and delight!